4WD World is an Australian Distributor of the Fox 4WD Suspension Range

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4WD World is a major Australian distributor

Fox 4WD Suspension

Market leading High Performance FOX Shocks now available in Australia

Visit suspensionworld.com.au for more products!

Visit suspensionworld.com.au
for more products!

Ideal for...

Ideal for...

tough 4WD and off road conditions

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Call 1800 807 176

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Australian Warranty

Australian Warranty

For Australian conditions

4WD Experts

4WD Experts

40 years of auto industry experience

World renowned premium brand

Fox Shocks are world renowned as a premium brand of off road racing shocks.

Here you can find  information that will help you make your decision much easier including:

Made in America, they are renowned for superior handling under extreme events such as the BAJA 1000 and other desert racing competitions.


Smooth ride and superior handling

The competition versions are very expensive and custom made with specific valving for use on buggies, trophy trucks and highly modified race vehicles.

The normal 2.0 performance series that we fit to road going 4WD’s are derived from the competition versions and have similar technology to give a smooth ride and superior handling on or off road.

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